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Take photos and wait for them to develop like in the good old days


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Nowadays, we're all used to using our smartphones as a camera and instantly seeing the pictures we take. But not too long ago, that process was much more involved. Gudak Pro is here to bring back old school memories of using a real old-time throwaway.

With an interface that looks just like an old-school disposable camera, you'll even have to set up your shot by looking through a tiny hole that simulates retro viewfinders. Each roll of film lets you take 24 photos max. And, guess what. You have to wait a whole day before you can see what your pictures look like.

Once you finish a roll, you wait 24 hours before your snapshot shows up in your photo gallery. Plus, all the pictures have a vintage filter that'll take you back to the days of classic finishings those low-quality analog cameras produced. Topping it all off, you'll need to wait another full 60 minutes before you can load the next roll of film. Every time you develop a roll, you'll see a different gallery with those pictures in it, and you can download them onto your phone from there, if you want.

Gudak Pro is an app for photography eclectics that long for something to remind them of yesteryear. It doesn't have any tech-savvy new features, per se but it does accomplish something that not many apps do -- bring back memories. Remember the days before digital photography ... times when cassette players, VHS videos, etc. were still around? This app resurfaces the real-life experience obsolete technology provided, and is sure to win over a few true nostalgics.
Turn your smartphone into a disposable analog camera with Gudak Pro

Mobile phones have been much more than just a communication tool for a while now, and an essential feature of new phones is a quality camera. Taking pictures is one of the most common uses of smartphones, frequently surpassing actual phone calls. But it wasn't always so easy to take photos, which Gudak pro reminds us by transforming your smartphone into a disposable analog camera.
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Requires Android 4.4 or higher

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